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writing a story - exam style questions

Here are some typical questions of the kind you will find in GCSE English exams. Typically you should aim to write perhaps two or three sides.

1. Write about the most exciting thing that has happened to you.

2. Write about the most difficult / interesting / embarrassing / enjoyable situation you have faced.

3. Write a story opening with the line: "When I/he/she closed that door, I/he/she knew my/his/her life would never be the same again..."

4. Write about an important occasion in your life.

5. Write a story with the title, "My/His/Her Dream".

6. Write a story ending with the line, "There is no way I/he/she/they would go through that again!"

7. Holidays can be fun... or not. Write about a holiday that stands out in your memory.

+++ Remember it is your story writing skills the examiner is testing - not your ability to tell the truth! +++