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poetry - example essay

The following essay would probably be given a grade 'D' .

Analysing 'The Tyger' , a poem by William Blake

This is a nice poem and I really did like it a lot. It is by an old poet called William Blake. He wrote this poem about a tiger and about how God could make one. You can tell this because in the first paragraph he asks you what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry. This must mean God as only God is immortal and he is asking what God could make a tiger because frame means make.

In the first line there are some words that he repeats and there is some good alliteration which means that the words begin with the same letter and this makes it easy to remember. The writer has used strong rhythm in his poem too and you can tell this because it is trochaic rhythm which means that it starts on a strong beat. He has added some really good rhyme as well which makes it very catchy and easy to remember as well as sounding nice. This makes it a good poem. This proves Blake is a really good poet but he his a bit old fashioned too because he uses out of date words like thine, thy and frame.

I really like the way he writes his first two lines because you can tell from them that Blake has a really good imagination and he wants to help his reader to see things clearly. He uses lots of language called metaphors to make his point about tigers and God. This is because he uses a lot of imagery.

In the second verse Blake begins to ask lots of questions. He asks these all the way in the poem and in this writing I am going to speak about these and explain what they mean. He asks in what distant deeps or skies burnt the fire of thine eyes and he means that he wants to know where the tiger was made. Then he asks on what wings dare he aspire but this is much harder to understand and I don't know what he could mean but when he says what the hand dare seize the fire I think he might be saying that it is hard to hold fire. But of course he doesn't mean fire he means tiger because this is a good metaphor. He is trying to tell you that God could not have made a tiger very easily because it is a dangerous animal. In the next paragraph he asks you more questions.

You can tell he is confused because he asks lots of things all of the time but he isn't really asking anyone and he doesn't really want any answers. I think he could be asking God, perhaps he is saying a kind of prayer. In paragraph five he says two lines that are my favourites: ' When the stars threw down their spears, And water'd heaven with their tears' this could mean that God cried when he looked down at the earth he had made and at the tiger because he didn't mean to make an animal that was so powerful and cruel. And when he asks if the same God made the tiger and the Lamb I think he could be meaning Jesus because Jesus is called a lamb in the bible. He thinks it is strange that the same God could make something kind and gentle like a lamb as well as something evil and cruel like a tiger. In the last paragraph he asks the same as in the first except if God dares to make a tiger. I am going to finish my essay and tell you what I think about this poem.

I think that the writer is a very good poet because he uses his imagination and he shows this because he uses metaphors which make you think. He uses alliteration and rhyme and rhythm, too. All in all I think that Blake has written a good poem which I liked a lot.