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writing to persuade - exam questions




Here are some typical 'exam type' questions of the kind you will find in your GCSE English Examination.

1. Your school has raised a large sum of money. How should it spend this? On better PE facilities? On better computer facilities? Donating it to a local children's charity. Write a letter to your head teacher persuading him or her to your point of view.

2. Your best friend is going through a bad time at home and is thinking of leaving home to live in London. Write a letter to your friend in which you try to persuade him or her not to leave.

3. Your local newspaper has launched a competition in which you are to write an article to try to persuade its readers to donate money towards new youth facilities in your area. Write an article in which you try to do this.

4. Your town needs tourists. Write an article for a magazine in which you promote your town and persuade people to come along and visit.

5. Write an article for your school magazine read by students, staff and parents. Try to persuade your readers to be 'greener'.

6. Write a proposal to your head teacher which persuades him or her to offer an adventure-based holiday / school trip.

7. We have all seen 'disaster' holidays on the TV. Write a letter to a travel company in which you try to persuade them that your holiday was not up to standard and that you deserve compensation.