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writing to inform - exam questions

Here are some typical 'exam type' questions of the kind you will find in your GCSE English Examination. You will be expected to write about two sides or 500 words.


1. Write a lively and interesting letter to an old aunt who lives abroad inform her what has been happening in your life and any plans you have for the future.

2. You are keen on nature. Write an article for your school magazine in which you inform its readers (both parents and students) about the reasons for your interest and about your feelings for this.

3. Write a magazine article in which you inform its readers about your school.

4. Think of a school event in which you have taken part, perhaps a trip or a drama production alternatively you could imagine such an event. Write an article for a newsletter for parents in which you inform them about the educational value of the event in which you took part. The purpose is to entice parents to support school events in general.

5. Write an informative article for teenagers to be placed in a 'time capsule' in which you inform the future reader about some aspect of a current teenager's life.

6. You have been asked to contribute to an information pack for new pupils to your school in which you inform them, in an unbiased way, what local facilities are like for families who might move into the area.

7. Your school is taking part in a student exchange with students from the USA. Write an unbiased introduction for potential students which informs them about what they can look forward to when they spend time at your school.

8. Write a guide for Year 9 students that informs them of the contents of any one GCSE subject course of your choice.

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