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how did you do?

'The ancient document, which was clearly written with a particularly fine hand and which was the result of much reflection and hard work, was something of great value - a value that simply could not be accounted for in cash alone.'

What kind of sentence is this?

What is its function?

What is its main clause - what it is, at heart, saying?

What is the subject of the main clause - the thing it tells about, at heart?

What is the head word in the noun phrase that is in the subject position?

How many adjective words are there?

How many adverbs are there?

There are three relative clauses in the sentence. Can you spot each one?

There is a 'copula' or 'linking verb' in the main clause. Which is it?

How many 'adverbials' can you find? These are all prepositional phrases some acting to post-modify a noun, some to modify a verb.