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grammar and your course

It's a fact often quoted by language teachers that you already know a great deal of grammar; and indeed, this must be true, for without such a knowledge you wouldn't be able to use language at all effectively. But it's not much help now, for you need to use grammar as an analytical tool and that means you'll need to learn a number of new and important ideas and terms - you'll need to learn a whole new metalanguage of course! Oh what fun you're in for. And you're in luck, too, for Englishbiz A-level grammar essentials is about to turn you into a Gaspingly Great Grammar Guru! Well... we'll try to give you enough skills to get through your course with flying colours! Okay?


By the end of this guide, you'll have the skills to be able to label and discuss the effects and purposes of some of the more important grammatical choices that language users make when creating texts for a particular genre, context, audience and purpose.